Caer’lith – R7/C8
Portfolios: Animals, Elves, Healing, Knowledge, Nature, Travel, Weather
Avatars: Caelis (Humans), Heru en’Tuare – The Forest Lord (Elves), Flock-Father (Winged Folk), Caer’lith (Original Form)

One of the group of four adventurers who found and travelled with the Multi-Verse seed, eventually accidentally activating its power and creating a new world in which they were Powers. Now worshipped in the world of Cagireu under several different names and appearances, all actually worship the same being. Caet’lith maintains a good relationship with Rehje, whom he was the closest to in the group throughout their travels and also with Unity, previously Unit 5503 he called Box (after failing to remember the number which it identified itself as). Although previously on more difficult terms with Gillia since her apotheosis they have been on better terms.

Church Doctrine:

Because of his multiple faiths, Caer’lith has a couple of different doctrines for his church. For the humans Caelis represents healing and wisdom, for the Elves he represents the vitality of the forest and its denizens and for his servants, the Winged Folk he is a watchful and paternal figure.


Caelis has two divisions of his church. Firstly are the healers whose duty is to care to those in need and to alleviate suffering. Secondly are the archivists who guard and regulate knowledge. Both divisions employ guards to defend important and sacred locations, or when a region is dangerous and requires the protection. Followers of Caelis help and assist local authorities but only when asked.

The majority of the church are either priests or commoners who assist in healing or running the libraries. Although not all of the servants of Caelis are granted the gift of magic, many can assist in mundane healing, collecting tithes to the church and helping to order, collect and maintain the free public libraries the church runs. Mages and warriors are less common members of the clergy. Mages may be drawn to the archives and collections of spells that belong to the church. However these are carefully maintained so they do not contain dangerous spells and are often not as extensive as those kept by followers of Rehje, as well as lacking in spells of greater power. Consequently because Rehje is the patron of magic for the world, those that follow Caelis instead are often not dedicated to the pure advancement of arcane knowledge and power. The church of Caelis actively seeks out knowledge, sometimes in dangerous areas. Because of this warriors and those of a martial profession can find a living in assisting in these expeditions.

Healers of Caelis are characterised by their green robes and collections of healing implements and herbs. Healers are pacifists who favour spells that protect and aid others, as well as spells of travel and guidance. A Healer would prefer to flee a battle than to personally kill their opponents.

Archivists of Caelis are characterised by their blue robes and lanterns. In the wilds they often have packs of writing materials so that they can record any new knowledge they find. They are more diverse spell-casters than Healers. Although they rarely seek to destroy foes with their spells, they may take a couple of spells for personal protection when journeying into the wild.

The two groups are each lead by a high priest, the Grand Healer and Loremaster. They are chosen and elected upon the end of the previous priest’s term by a council of the most powerful priests of Caelis. Together they represent the world, green for land and blue for sea and sky, as well as deciding on temple policy.

Heru en’Tuare – The Forest Lord:

Worshipped by the Elves there isn’t a distinct church hierarchy in the same way as the human church of Caelis has. Instead authority is dependant on age and on deed, the older, wiser or more accomplished an Elf is the more respected they are.


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