When worlds collide

Session 1

(Kept succinct and the key points for now, embellishment can be added later. I’m also missing the names for Tom and Rhiana’s characters. – Robert)

Key events:

1. Duath and his cousin arrive at Carrin city together. Separately Ruby and (Rhiana’s Monk) also arrive in the city.

2. Ruby and (Rhiana’s Monk) meet when Ruby takes her horse to the stable. (Rhiana’s Monk) is working to pay her way, her unique ability to resist any form of filth a decided benefit when mucking out the stables.

3. Duath and his cousin are ‘asked’ by the guards not to camp in sight of the walls. The pair move to the forest.

4. Ruby’s father, trapping for rabbits passes by the pair. Duath follows and steals one of the trapped rabbits for the pair.

5. Ruby has a vision of the clearing where the pair of Duath and (Tom’s character) are camping. She attempts to cook them a rabbit to take to them as a means of introduction, but fails and her father assists her with the second.

6. Ruby visits Duath and (Tom’s character) who meet her with their Elvish sense of superiority. Confused and a little disappointed Ruby gives up and returns to her father, but not before Duath without her notice pick-pockets some gold coins. Ruby has a second vision, one of an arrow striking her.

7. (Tom’s character) is forced to seek shelter in the city when it rains. When the guards refuse to let him in he resorts to command, which results in a sound to arms. His position is a priest of Rehje allows him to pass by unharmed, although he is warned not to cast such magic again and is watched.

8. Duath follows in the morning after his cousin and finds out what he had done, bribing the guards to smooth things over a little and the two pairs finally meet. The meeting is difficult until news of Ruby’s village being under attack causes the group to travel to save the town.

9. The group arrive to find goblins attacking the farming community. Duath and (Tom’s character) use their arcane magick to send the goblins into a slumber in which they are easily slain. Ruby takes a severe wound from one of the goblins and is tended to by (Tom’s character). Duath slays a trio of goblins threatening children and women in a surprise sneak attack. The group dispatches a further group of goblins before rushing back to the mayor’s house.

10. The group kills a hob-goblin and Ruby’s vision comes to pass when she jumps in front of an arrow meant for (Tom’s character). Duath and (Rhiana’s Monk) chase down the second hob-goblin and kill it as well.

11. Ruby spends time again healing, tended to by (Tom’s character). Duath and his cousin accept a reward from the village while (Rhiana’s Monk) and Ruby decline. Ruby’s family helps to create a new, albeit distasteful and poor quality, suit of leather armour from the scraps found on the hob-goblins, since her original set had been irreparably damaged earlier.

12. Rested up the group prepares to depart to investigate the cause of the attack.

Session 2

Key Events:

1. Party tracks the source of the goblinoid invaders out of the village, following worn tracks. These lead through a forest to the normal desolation of a goblin camp.

2. The party enters the cave network, disguised in a tree stump. Although some of the more nimble party members avoid slipping on the slippery entrance, Ruby is not so graceful.

3. The party explores the goblins lair to discover it empty, devoid of any signs of life and with a few signs of a struggle, but not many.

4. At the bottom of the structure the group discovers seemingly the last goblin, an elderly and frail creature in bad condition. They rescue it and return to the surface.

5. When the group camps for the evening a distance away, they heal the goblin who wakes. Ruby questions it and discovers several things.

- His tribe had been taken by hob-goblins.
- The hob-goblins were lead, or guided by a shadowy figure.
- The location of the hob-goblin tribe.
- Where the goblin planned to go to.

6. Duath slit the creatures throat and killed it. He had no love of goblins and it was in a way a mercy killing, such a frail and old goblin would either die trying to get to the new tribe or die quickly trying to integrate.


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