When worlds collide

Session 2

Key Events:

1. Party tracks the source of the goblinoid invaders out of the village, following worn tracks. These lead through a forest to the normal desolation of a goblin camp.

2. The party enters the cave network, disguised in a tree stump. Although some of the more nimble party members avoid slipping on the slippery entrance, Ruby is not so graceful.

3. The party explores the goblins lair to discover it empty, devoid of any signs of life and with a few signs of a struggle, but not many.

4. At the bottom of the structure the group discovers seemingly the last goblin, an elderly and frail creature in bad condition. They rescue it and return to the surface.

5. When the group camps for the evening a distance away, they heal the goblin who wakes. Ruby questions it and discovers several things.

- His tribe had been taken by hob-goblins.
- The hob-goblins were lead, or guided by a shadowy figure.
- The location of the hob-goblin tribe.
- Where the goblin planned to go to.

6. Duath slit the creatures throat and killed it. He had no love of goblins and it was in a way a mercy killing, such a frail and old goblin would either die trying to get to the new tribe or die quickly trying to integrate.



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